Membership Information


C.E. Opportunities
The Western Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association is dedicated to providing its members with high-quality and affordable continuing education programs. The WPVMA provides a one day seminar in the Spring and Fall providing you with 5-6 hours of c.e. credit for each all day seminar. Without leaving western Pennsylvania, you can meet your continuing education requirements for Pennsylvania licensure which is 30 credit hours every two years.

Classified Ads
Looking for a new position or hiring a new associate. WPVMA members can advertise in our monthly newsletter and website at no additional cost.

The WPVMA helps keep you up-to-date on issues, laws and regulations that affect the practice of veterinary medicine.

Membership Fees

Full Active Member
$50.00 per year. The WPVMA is your local subgroup of the PVMA.

Associate Member
$50.00 per year. You belong to another local subgroup of PVMA/other State VMA and wish to receive our newsletter and attend an occasional meeting.

New Graduate
$0.00 1st year. Newly graduated vets who join after June 1 of the year of their graduation with membership extending for the remainder of that CALENDAR year

$0.00 per year. Was active WPVMA member for at least one year and is now permanently retired and maintains no current licenses. No CE credit will be awarded to these members. These members must still submit a yearly application.


Please make checks payable to the WPVMA send to:

Jane Gruber, CVT
6742 Reynolds Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

If a check is to pay for several members (ie. company check to cover all employed veterinarians), then please submit an application for each member and the dues payment so that proper credit can be established.